The Hive, Support Group    


Queen Bea presents... The Hive.

This is an established Support group for Transgender and Gender Vaient people that want to share their experiences in a guided format.

Queen Bea is a Personal Development Coach for Transgendered and Gender Varient people

The support group is semi structured; the first half is guided conversation, 

then tea & coffee followed by relaxed conversation.


Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, we are unable to meet at the venue, but we can meet in the ether. If you would like to join the Zoom meeting for the support group, please just email me your address and I will send an invite. 

Same day... 1st Tuesday every month, same time... 7-8:30pm UK time.

Stay safe everyone.

If you would like a chat beforehand, give Bea a call on
 07871 163 438
It is free to attend. 

If you, or anyone you know is on the sometimes scary transition, please feel free to come along.