What I can offer you...

Personal Development Coaching

Wherever you are on your Transition Journey, Bea is here to support you.    

"Personal development frameworks may include goals or benchmarks that define the end-points, strategies or plans for reaching goals, measurement and assessment of progress, levels or stages that define milestones along a development path, and a feedback system to provide information on changes".

Coaching is a structured conversation that supports you to make the decisions and changes that you desire.  It is conducted either face to face, over the telephone or via Skype / Facetime or Zoom.  Initially it is a 6 session commitment with the option to extend should you wish to.  

The cost of this is just £95 per hour and fees are payable in advance.


Photography, this is a fun part of my Dressing Service

I usually take well over a hundred pictures with your make-over.  The length of time required depends on how many changes you would like and how much time we spend chatting and drinking tea!  

Please note that I delete all photo's in front of you.  I NEVER ask to keep them as this would be innappropriate of me.  However, if girls would like me to use their pictures, I ask that they think about it for a couple of days then email me the ones they would like to see on my website.

It is with regret that if you reschedule more than once, a non-refundable deposit will be asked before re-booking.


Shopping Trips        

When you feel that you are ready to take the hugely scary step of shopping for your own items, I am looking forward to supporting you.

I am happy to accompany you and make sure that you are confident, comfortable and relaxed as you begin to realise that there really is nothing to worry about. Shopping with me is much easier than you can ever imgine and it is a genuine pleasure to be out in the real world.  I will show you tricks of the trade when trying to work out if something will fit you.  I can advise on colours, styles and shapes to bring out the most flattering aspect of your femininity. 

I offer a make-up and shopping trip, where I make you beautiful then take you shopping around the historic town of Colchester. 

9am - 1pm £100,

1:30pm - 5:30pm £100 or

10am - 4pm (including lunch out) £230

I am looking forward to exploring all the gorgeous dress shops with you.

If you would rather go out in drab or arrive made up, accompanied shopping is just £20 per hour per person.

I also sell wigs starting at just  £20.

Make Up Lessons              £35 per hour

I absolutely LOVE this job!!  I get to show you how to replicate the beautiful girl that you are.  I show you how to apply and wear make up, how to choose the right colours and how to choose between looks for those different occasions.  

For the more adventurous, I can teach you how to subtly change the shape of your face to bring forth your femininity.


Image Consultations         £70  for 2 hours

Bring your own clothes or a picture of yourself in a variety of outfits or even come dressed in your favorite outfit. I will gladly evaluate your style and choices whilst we work together on presenting the image that best reflects the girl inside you. You will learn how to buy the right sizes, if your choices are the most flattering for your body shape, the best colours for your skin tone and if your hair or wig style is up to date and flattering for your face shape. You will also learn make-up tips specific to your facial features. Together we will evaluate your total look from head to toe including under garments and you will leave oozing with confidence and able to create a more polished look.


Relaxing Facial

Why not request a relaxing facial before or after your make-over? 
Queen Bea will cleanse, tone, moisturise and massage your cares away with a relaxing facial for just fifteen pounds.

Nights Out...   £10 per hour

If you would like to go out one evening, night or even lunch time... I would love to be able to accompany you. 

As I am 6 feet tall in my flat shoes, you will not stand out when out with me, which may be the case with a shorter woman.

I'm not much of a dancer when sober but I am still fun and love nothing better than accompanying girls out and about. 


Clothes Loan   tba

I have a selection of clothes, shoes and wigs to choose from if you wish to borrow some for the night.

Why not incorporate an Image Consultation so I can help you to choose those that suit your body shape and style.  I can help you to create the look that best 

shows the world what a beautiful woman you are.

Or, why not combine the clothes loan with a gorgeous make over to help you feel even more fabulous?


Storage         £10 per box per month  

Store your precious clothes at my smoke free home.

No more screwing up your clothes and hiding them in bags in the car.  I have plenty of room for you to store your possesions safely. 

Please supply a plastic underbed, lidded box so that your possessions remain crease free and ready to wear.  Don't forget to mark it with your name.



 I do have cats so if you suffer from allergies please take note.


This service is payable in advance and due to the popularity, non-payment could place your items are at risk.


Stanstead Airport

Give me a call and I can come and get you.  07871 163 438

Pick up and return to the airport £80 plus parking if required