Birth of an idea

Having met a beautiful girl at Anns Play Party this afternoon, we got talking about how hard it was for her to be able to dress in public, how she felt that there were so few places for her to just 'be'.  As we were talking, she told me about Home Dressing Services and the amazing opportunity they provided for girls like her to just hang out and be comfortable in girly clothes and make-up.  She seemed to think I would make a good hostess as I love pretty much most people and believe strongly that everyone should have a safe place to be themselves without fear of judgement or being made to feel wrong or uncomfortable.

So, here I am.  My name is Queen Bea, I am a make up artist, author and TEFL teacher, I have a lovely feminine home that has a comfy sofa, ever boiling kettle and plenty of tea bags.

I can offer make-up, styling help, a space in my wardrobe to hang your clothes and a friendly smile, chat and welcome.

I charge £25 an hour including an (optional) make over 

             £25 for a make-up lesson

             £10 per month storage

             Nights out as escort, £ to be determined

So, what do you have to loose?  Message me on TvChix or email me at