What I do

I can guide you with every aspect of your transformation.  I know what it takes to help you achieve the authentic look you want and can take you from where you are now to far beyond your expectations.

You may be surprised the effect proper styling and deportment will have on your overall confidence.  The importance of basics such as sizing can make all the difference.  I am here to assist and advise you with all of that.

Also, don't forget that I provide photography so you will have, not only a record of your wonderful new look, but a precious memory you can take out and re-live at your leisure.  Together, should you wish, we can build a portfolio of your progression.

Why not venture out with me, be it to a TGirl venue, pub, club, restaurant or even shopping?  If you are shy, how about that first walk outside?

How about an exciting make-over and escorted club night?  This is where a select group of girls will be made over and taken to a TGirl club then back to Colchester.

So, whether you are a shy first timer or a confident woman, come along for a consultation over a lovely cup of tea.