This is a very personal testimony from me to Bea.

I’ve known Bea for longer than most – we first met in 2012. A chance encounter resulted in us discussing the issues that closeted transgender women face, and within minutes she decided that her life would change course. A few weeks later she tried her first mtf makeover, and by the end of the session had decided that she wanted to rent a bigger flat and provide a safe space for girls to be themselves. An overwhelming generosity of spirit and genuine heart for those in need was therefore the first impression Bea made on me, and this has only increased over the years.

Bea has been there for me countless times over the years, dealt with my periods of dysphoria and sadness with kindness as well as sharing in my joys, and showed time and again her genuine warmth and care for all of us girls. She has been an amazing friend and source of support for not only myself but a huge number of others, with the Hive support group based at Colchester Outhouse East being just one example. She has the highest standards as an MUA and lifecoach, and will always make any new girls feel welcome and treasured.

I cannot recommend Bea highly enough, and clearly from the testimonials on this page, the girls that have met her feel the same.

Faye X