Week one of broken ankle

Wow, that sounds like a movie title..."Week one of Broken Ankle, starring Lauren Bacall and James Garner".  For the under 40's, ask your mum who they are.

So, the ankle has been broken for a week now and I'm about ready to scream.  I want my life back!!!!!  I miss seeing all my lovely ladies.  So, rather than fade away to obscurity, I decided to keep a blog.  First obstacle, how does one blog?  Second obstacle, what on earth does one write in a blog?  Congratulations if you have stuck with my ramblings so far.  Blue Peter badges all round.  I discovered that my web site has a blog option and this is me seeing how it works.

I will post on Chix and FB to ascertain what you would like me to write about.  Keep it clean girls, I beg you.  Until next time... 


QB xx