Happy New Year

Well, I'm not great at blogging it would appear. ;)

The ankle is all healed (pardon the pun) and I'm out and about as usual. I've done the Transliving Eastbourne and Transliving Bournmouth weekends, catching up with old friends and making new ones.  I've had a wonderful Christmas with my family and a squiffy girls night out just before New Years Eve.

I've decided to organise trips for you lovely girls to clubs and events such as Transliving, Way Out Club, BNO and TransAngels.  These include a makeover so that not only do you get to party but you look fabulous doing so.  Keep a weather eye open for the listing.

Due to the broken ankle keeping me abed, i have gained heaps of weight, that i am decidedly unhappy about.  So, I am now walking much more and have finally gone vegan.