1-2-1 Weekend Workshop

The One-to-One Workshop Weekend.



You arrive Friday evening, enjoy a meal with Queen Bea and retire to your own feminine room.


Enjoy breakfast then experience a fabulous makeover with Queen Bea.

10 – 12 noon = makeup. Learn how to feminise your face using makeup tailored to you.

12 – 1pm = Lunch

1 – 4pm = deportment and photos. Learn how to feminise your walk and how to sit, how to drink     and how to hold yourself.  Queen Bea will take some photographs to help you remember the positions your body adopts.

6pm = dinner

7pm = makeover and dress for your night in London at the Way Out Club.

9pm = drive to Way Out Club and enjoy a spot of dancing.


Enjoy breakfast and a makeover with Queen Bea

10 – 12 noon = styling.  Learn how best to style your body shape.  Learn how to minimise shoulders and maximise hips. Learn which styles suit you and which to avoid.

12 – 1pm = lunch.

1 – 4pm = shopping.  Put together all you have learned and hit the shops!

Return to Queen Bea’s and say goodbye.

This package is £345



All of the above plus…


6pm evening meal and overnight accommodation


Breakfast and a fabulous makeover with Queen Bea

Then more shopping and coffee in town.

1pm = say good bye

This package is £399