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Some of the wonderful comments I have received...

I have to write and say thank you! You did such a great job today, I even cried when I got to my car! You gave ******* a face! For the first time in 20 odd years if know bing ******I finally saw her today, I will never forget that! And I can never be thankful enough to you for doing that, I am so determined to press on with her emergence! I think once I finish work you'll have a new day time friend! Maybe soon I'll get the courage to even take ******out, maybe not in time for tomorrow's trip but soon.  Once again thank you, I got so many great comments from the pictures I posted so you have my full permission to use the pics on your website and wall at home.

6 Apr
Hi Bea...
As you are reading this....then you know that I made it home safe, and made it through my day at work too!!
I want to thank you for everything you did for me last night.... From the excited welcome to the kind words at the end of the night....and of course the make over!! 
For goes without saying... that all i ever wanted was to pass for being female. And with me as your canvas...your artistry did just that!!! and for that, i will be forever grateful!! For the first time in ages, i went to sleep happy, and that was all down to you!!

Dear Bea

Thank you so very much for the wonderful time I spent with you (not forgetting your cats). Somehow the impact comes upon me after the event and I am so much looking forward to viewing the many photos that you took. I shall make it clear that the look was created by your goodself and hope that it will bring more girls to your house for dressing and photos. 
You are such a warm, friendly person and so easy to get on with. It will be a session I will remember and will look forward to what the other girls (and boys) have to say. It was magic. 
Thank you very much Bea. 
Big hugs. 


A memorable day with an amazing makeup artist, great photographer & a lovely lady who understands what “being girlie” means…… Thank you Bea. 


Bea is amazing you really must get a makeover from her, thank you so much for a wonderful relaxed morning. 


Spent a great afternoon with Bea. She is a lovely person and does a fabulous makeover.