Make-Over and photo shoot £35 per hour or 3 hours for £100

I have a growing selection of clothes and wigs to suit most sizes and styles. 

I can transform you from Bob the Builder to a Fairy Princess.  I can create a feminine, sexy or glamorous look and then help you to pose for the 100+ photo's that usually accompany a make over with me.

I have many testimonials from girls on TVChix and they will be happy to tell you about their time with me.  I am relaxed, laid back, uninquisitive but totally discreet and supportive.  I am a great listener but equally I can talk the hind legs off a donkey.  You set the pace and I will endeavor to ensure that your time with me is magical, and everything your ever dreamed a make-over could be.





(This is a make-over and dressing service for the Trans community and I am sure you will respect that there are no other 'services' on offer.)