Dressing Service          £35 per hour or 3 hours for £100

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  

I think the most important message that I would like you to take away with you is.. You are not alone.

There are many many girls just like you out there who are all at different stages of their 'journey'.  Some are very deep in the closet and others are out and proud. Some girls have never dressed and others have a wardrobe bigger than the Marks &Spencer Superstore!  But wherever you are, I am here.  I am here to offer you support, friendship, advice (if wanted) and endless cups of tea.

Please take a look at what I offer, if you are still not sure... take a look on TVChix and you will see that I have a very good reputation of not only discretion and amazing make-up skills but of being a great listener too.